5 Things You Need to know Before Starting Uni

Free-PhotosMost of the lectures are recorded, you don’t have to attend when you’re busy.

Some of the lectures will count your attendance and watching recording will not count as attendance!

Photo of lecture Recording

Photo of Lecture Recording manfredsteger. Free to use (cc)


Never leave your assignment until the last minute. 

Photo of Deadline

Photo of Deadline kmicican. Free to use (cc)


Don’t choose 7 a.m. class if you can’t wake at 7 a.m.

Photo of Morning school

Photo of Morning School CSU-Extension. Free to use (cc)


Give yourself a break, don’t choose classes on Monday or Friday if it’s possible.

Photo of Break

Photo of Holiday Free-Photos. Free to use (cc)


Bring your charger.

Photo of Laptop Charger

Photo of Laptop Charger mohamed_hassan. Free to use (cc)

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