VR experience

How does your spatial perception change while in VR?

When I started to enter the VR world, I felt a strong discomfort. I lost consciousness of judgment in the space around me, and I feel that I seem to be really a member of the game world. In the beginning, when I opened a Spider-Man game, my perspective changed with Spider-Man’s movement. I have dizziness because the angle of view changes too fast.

Did you discover any control issue?

Since there are no instructions and tips on the operation of the handle during use, I was very confused when I first started playing the game.

What design issues did you notice with navigation?

When I continuously press the button on a handle, the system will become insensitive.

How would you have changed the experience /game you tried?

I think adding a description of how the handle controls the game before each game starts will improve the user’s gaming experience.

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